Services Overview

We excel in delivering patient treatment that is competent and cost-effective. In both clinical and operational specialties we provide treatment. Patients with several orthopaedic specializations, like sports medicine, arthritis, reconstruction of limbs, back, and pediatrics, are treated.


Pelvi Acetabular Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy

Complex Fractures

To preserve the natural structure of the hip and stabilize the hip joint, recovery for acetabular fractures sometimes requires surgery.

Knee arthroscopy is a technique involving a surgeon examining conditions using a small instrument called an arthroscope and fixing them.

Complex fracture cases are cared for by different kinds of professionals who provide these accidents with unique skills. 


Trauma Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

Spinal Disc Herniation

Trauma surgery includes a deep knowledge of surgical techniques and how multiple kinds of accidents can be treated. 

Joint replacement operation can increase mobility and offer substantial relief from discomfort. For aggravated arthritis, it might be necessary.

When a part of the nucleus moves into a break in the annulus, a herniated disc develops. If a herniation compresses a nerve, it can appear.



Shoulder Replacement

Spine Surgery

It is a medical process used to analyze, identify, and handle problems inside a joint. If you have swelling or damage, your doctor may suggest this.

It is a surgical process where a prosthetic implant replaces all or portions of the glenohumeral. It is usually performed to ease pain in arthritis.

It is a process that intends to alter the anatomy of a patient such as eliminating a herniated disc that causes pain to provide relief from pain.

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