We offer extensive and world-class orthopaedic care at the Orthopaedics and Joint Repair Centre and also treat all forms of joint and bone conditions and injuries. Our qualified and trained orthopaedic surgeons provide medical options for musculoskeletal disorders and accidents, both surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical Therapy: Many kinds of operations are conducted by orthopaedic surgeons and some common operations include:  Osteotomy: Surgery in which the bone is removed and readjusted or realigned. Arthroscopy: A technique that visualizes, diagnoses, and handles conditions within a joint using special cameras and instruments. Non-surgical Treatment: Most orthopaedic surgeons use the medicine, therapy, workout, and another physiotherapy to cure a few musculoskeletal problems without operation.

About Orthopaedics

The surgical discipline that specializes in musculoskeletal system disorders and illnesses in the body is orthopaedics. Orthopedists treat the patient with bone, joint, ligament, tendon, nerve, and nerve damage or diseases. Orthopedic treatment is consisting of facilities for: Hip, knee, back, elbow, side, wrist, foot, and ankle repair work. Hip, arm, etc

 Dr. A.P Singh is among the Best Orthopaedic Doctors in Greater Noida, providing the best care for all orthopaedic conditions such as joint repair trauma surgery, complicated fractures, and pelvic acetabular surgery, etc. He is incredibly experienced and promises you harmless service.

We aspire to give you some awesome outcomes through consulting, available according to your time slot. By implementing the appropriate equipment and the new innovative treatment option for patients, we lead you to live up.

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Regularly, do you have persistent knee or joint pain? Or you have joints or musculoskeletal discomfort that has begun following an accident? If yes then it's time to say bye to the pain and hello to us.

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Our specialized physicians and providers deliver individualized, quality care to the injured employee with the goal of returning them back to work safely and quickly. We have a dedicated Workers’ Compensation department that coordinates all care.

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